Terms and conditions of use of the platform

Please read carefully

We kindly ask our valued users to abide by the following conditions:

- We advise the user not to create more than one account so as not to cause him to be distracted and lost.
- The user is obligated to add real information in his account and not to impersonate any person.
- The user is obligated not to use names that incite hatred or abuse any party.
- It is prohibited to use the account to infringe intellectual property rights, defame a person, institution, or company, or intentionally publish any information that causes harm to a company, person, country, or group, not to place piracy materials, stolen programs, and all that violates the norms and regulating laws, and the subscriber is fully responsible for Everything he provides through his account.
- Vandalism, harm to users, or the Developny platform ... will lead to the suspension of the user's account.
- It is not possible to delete your account after it has been created in my game, but it can be frozen from the control panel after logging in to the account.

Terms and conditions of use of the platform:

The terms of use change from time to time, and in the event of such changes, the platform will display notifications for the user to be aware of. The user's continued use of the Tawarni Online platform is based on acceptance of these terms and conditions of use, as amended from time to time for better service and higher quality. Any violation of this agreement by the user may subject his account to suspension without prior notice and without any refund in some cases.

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